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The RT outline is the outline given by the Radio Times each week.

# name of episode RT outline
1 Black and White Julia comes to stay at the Lippizaner stud which is run by her Uncle Dimitri and renews her friendship with the famous white horses
2 Dangerous Depths Julia is riding Boris, her favourite horse, near some caves in her neighbourhood, and makes an interesting discovery
3 Suspicion falls on Andrej Money is stolen from the stud farm and Julia's friend Andrej is suspected. Julia wonders whether her trust in Andrej is misplaced
4 Thaïs becomes a Mother A foal is born during a storm and Julia rides out for help
5 Horses Stampede An old Lippizaner returns to the stables and nearly ruins his chances of staying there
6 About Bojazzo Julia and Tomo do their best to bring Bojazzo back to form
7 The Horse Cure Old Maria tries to play a clever game, but Dimitri proves to be a match for her
8 A Dog's Life Julia refuses to let a dog run into danger through the stupidity of one of her friends
9 Business Friend Uncle Dimitri entertains a prospective client who is not a favourite with Julia
10 The Sava Prize The stud loses its best rider for a national competition, but Julia solves Uncle Dimitri's problem
11 Buried Treasure Julia discovers that truffles, although not so precious as gold, still have possibilities
12 The Squirrel Julia interrupts a long ride to save a squirrel, and thereby upsets Uncle Dimitri's arrangements
13 House Arrest for Othello Uncle Dimitri requires all his courage to face a crucial situation