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Synopsis of episodes

# name of episode synopsis of episode
1 Black and White Julia arrives by train. Uncle Dimitri and Stanko meet her. She meets Boris again, but he wanders off and is seen by two Gypsies. They want to keep him for a while, to get their mare pregnant, and they dye him black so he is unrecognizable. Julia and Stanko look for him in a car, although Julia cannot really drive. Boris has run through water and so they find him. The car is damaged, and Uncle Dimitri finds out what has happened.
2 Dangerous Depths Julia rides Boris to a cave she has discovered. She wants to explore, but he is too frightened to go in. Two geologists have been exploring another cave nearby. The stake securing the rope ladder has come loose and the older man - a Professor - is in danger. The younger man struggles to stop him from falling. Julia and Boris arrive, and Julia attaches the end of the rope ladder to Boris' saddle. She walks him a short distance till the man is safe. The three of them sit outside the mens' tent and eat. She tells them about her cave, and believes the two caves to be connected. She has felt a breeze in her cave, so she knows there must be another entrance. Later, the old farmer whose land it is cuts the rope ladder. The younger man - Perko - is below. He cannot get back up and decides to try to get to Julia's cave. She comes and sees the cut ladder and decides to enter her cave to rescue them. Julia and Perko meet up underground. He explains that the Professor is in town. He has the farmer's knife but she asks him not to get him into trouble with the police. They don't know if they can find their way out. She calls for Boris, and he overcomes his fear to get to them. The fire brigade has been called to rescue the men. Uncle Dimitri and Stanko turn up, also the Professor, then Julia and Perko. They are all relieved and full of praise for faithful Boris.
3 Suspicion falls on Andrej Julia visits Andrej, who lives alone. She questions him about the gun he has, and encourages him to get a job at the stud. In the past Andrej had been a criminal, but now wants to go straight. He had worked with Joseph, who now calls himself Pepe and works at the stud. Joseph stole a large amount of money from the stud, but Andrej took it off him. Pepe rides out to the old quarry for a confrontation with Andrej. Pepe kidnaps Julia, and tries to escape with her; both on the same horse. A chase ensues, with Uncle Dimitri and others as well as Andrej pursuing Pepe. Andrej is the one who rescues Julia, and she says she will help him.
4 Thaïs becomes a Mother A mare called Thaïs is near to giving birth but a storm means that the vet cannot be called. The phone lines have been disrupted by tree branches blown around by the wind. Julia rides through the rain on Boris to find the vet, although Uncle Dimitri has forbidden her to do so and she is not feeling well. The vet comes. Julia becomes worse, with a fever. She is pretending to be in better health than she really is. She names the new foal "Arabello". Because a doctor cannot be called, the vet treats Julia with antibiotics. Boris has gone to see Julia in her bed, seen how ill she is, and ran to the vet to summon him back.
5 Horses Stampede -
6 About Bojazzo -
7 The Horse Cure -
8 A Dog's Life -
9 Business Friend A friend of Uncle Dimitri has come to stay. Julia is suspicious of him. When he is out in the countryside he uses a dart rifle to shoot deer. Julia is observing him and foils his shot. She picks up the dart. She takes it to a lab, where it is confirmed that it is poisoned. Later she confronts his assistant but he refuses to admit his guilt. She tries to convince Uncle Dimitri, but he is not listening. He has to do business with his friend. Finally Julia persuades her uncle to come with her to observe. Julia watches from the bushes while the man hunts. Uncle Dimitri creeps up on him to take a better look. They find the proof - the dart gun. Uncle Dimitri confronts his friend. He is asked to leave.
10 The Sava Prize -
11 Buried Treasure Julia is enjoying a lovely summer's day with Boris when they hear a dog barking and a man's voice. A dog comes in sight and Julia takes Boris behind some bushes to observe what is going on. The dog starts digging and is joined by its master. It then finds Julia. She speaks to the man who explains he is a truffle hunter, and that truffles are very valuable. He lets her smell one of the truffles he has found. It smells terrible, like garlic, but it gives her an idea. Over dinner her uncle remarks that the food tastes different, and calls Maria. She does not say what she knows about the missing garlic, and Julia gives her a conspiratorial smile. Some money has gone missing and Julia wants to help by finding a valuable truffle. She sets about training Boris to hunt for them, using the garlic she has taken. Later, Boris starts to indicate something. Thinking it may be truffles, she digs and finds something metalic. She finds her friend, a boy collecting berries who is the son of one of the men cutting down some trees. They go to see the men. Stanko recognises the metalic object as a mine, and tells Julia to throw it as far as she can. It explodes. They go to tell her uncle, and he decides to drive off and warn the men that they are in a minefield. Julia stays behind and finds the missing money in a barn. Uncle Dimitri and Stanko arrive just in time to see a tree fall, which sets off another mine. Julia has riden there and struggles to control Boris. Boris starts to indicate again, and Stanko decides to dig. They fear that it is yet another mine, but they find - a truffle! They all laugh.
12 The Squirrel -
13 House Arrest for Othello Uncle Dimitri is trying to train Othello for a competition, but geologist Merko has been feeding him sugar lumps, and this has a disruptive effect. Uncle Dimitri is injured, but will not stay in hospital. He has a plaster cast. He wins the competition as usual against expectations. He had removed part of the cast so he could ride.