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The Singing Ringing Tree: the story

1. outline of the story see below
2. a more detailed outline of the story text only with pictures
3. the complete story text only with pictures

outline of the story

A prince asks for the hand of a beautiful princess. She rejects his gift of;peabls and demands instead a magical tree. In the land of an evil dwarf he finds it. The dwarf tells the prince that if he can indeed win the love of the princess by giving her the tree he may do so: if however he does not succeed there will be a price to pay.

The princess has no love in her heart, and the dwarf casts spells which turns the prince into a bear and makes the princess lose all her beauty. The bear carries her off to live with him in the dwarf-realm in a cave. Her bed is of moss and she has berries to eat.

But even in the dwarf-realm kindness can be learned and love can grow. With each act of kindness some of her beauty is restored and the dwarf's power over them becomes weaker. With the help of her new animal friends she prevails over the dwarf. Not only is their previous condition restored but now the magical tree will sing/ring for her also.