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Episode 1: Black and White

Uncle Dimitri and Stanko are waiting at the station for Julia's train.
When they see her they go to greet her and to carry her cases.
They drive to their farm where she is to spend her summer holiday.
On the way to the house they see the beautiful white horses.
Stanko blows his horn to announce their arrival.
At the house she is greeted by all her old friends from before.
But most of all she wants to meet her favourite horse.
She has some sugar for him.
Her bag opens and Stanko sees, instead of school books, her detective novels! He agrees not to tell anyone.
She wants to go riding.
Two Gypsies are camping nearby with their mare.
Sonja runs away.
Uncle Dimitri is training Boris.
Uncle Dimitri asks Stanko to take Boris back to the stables.
Boris has been taken back to the stables. Stanko notices that the bolt to the door has not been fixed.
When Stanko has gone, Boris pushes open the gate.
He runs out the door and into the fields.
He jumps over a stone wall and meets Sonja.
The Gypsies are fixing their wagon. The older one sees Boris in the field with Sonja.
They plan to keep Boris, at least for a while.
They want Sonja to have a foal.
22 They try to capture Boris. One of them has some oats and the other a rope.
They fail to catch Boris, but then the older Gypsy realizes that as long as they have Sonja, Boris will follow.
The old Gypsy paints Boris with black paint to disguise him.
Stanko realizes that Boris has escaped.
Julia has a plan to get Boris back.
She decides she can drive the car to look for him. But Stanko is not so sure.
Without stopping, she asks someone in the road if they have seen him.
She stops the Gypsies to ask if they know anything.
After Julia and Stanko have gone the two horses bolt. The younger man is thrown from the wagon. The wagon hits a wall and a wheel comes off. Boris breaks free and runs away.
As they cross a bridge, Boris runs through the river below, washing away some of the paint. When he catches up with them they now recognize him.
They work out what has been going on.
Stanko tries to move the car to let a lorry pass.
As he releases the handbrake the car rolls downhill and hits a stone wall.
They take him to a lake and wash him clean.
They joke around.
Uncle Dimitri turns up unexpectedly. He points out to Stanko that he has paint on his face.
She tries to explain everything, but he knows already. He also knows how much more trouble she will be to him for the rest of her holiday, and he playfully tweaks her nose.