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Episode 1: Black and White

Announcer: Attention. Attention. The express train from Laibach is arriving on platform two.
Uncle Dimitri: You can hardly wait for this, can you?
Stanko: True. But I wonder which of us is happier, you or me.
Half a minute late.
Uncle Dimitri: Not really. It's just on time.
Stanko: Fine, you're the boss. There she is! Julia!
Julia: Uncle Dimitri!
Stanko: She's grown up since last year.
Uncle Dimitri: She's become a real lady!
Stanko: We can't let her carry so many cases. Julia! Julia! You look wonderful!
Julia: Yes, well, I do what I can. Hello, Stanko!
Stanko: Had a good journey?
Julia: Yes. How are you, then? Oh, you!
Oh, Uncle, I'm so happy to be here again. The year's been dreadfully long. I've been counting the days.
Stanko: So have I. So have we all.
Julia: Thank you for the compliment, Stanko.
Uncle Dimitri: How is your mother?
Julia: Thank you for asking. She sends her love to everyone.
Stanko: Oh, yes?

Julia: Isn't that Thaïs over there?
Stanko: That's Marga. Thaïs is in her stable.
Uncle Dimitri: The vet is coming to look at her. She'll be foaling soon.
Stanko: Hey, what are the stallions doing so near the mares? Move them away at once! That Stanislav really is a dimwit.
Julia: You don't need to get so upset, Stanko, it just happened.
Stanko: But it shouldn't have happened. I'm responsible for the whole herd, you know.
Uncle Dimitri: Shouldn't that be me? You're making fun of me.
Julia: Yes, you're getting grey hairs from worry, look.
Uncle Dimitri: Is that any way to treat your old uncle?
Janesh: Julia!
Julia: Hi, Janesh.
Riders: Hello, Julia. Welcome to Lipizza.
Julia: Hello, Pepi! Hi, Pauli.
Children: Hello, Julia, welcome!
Julia: Hello! How are you all? Hello, Carola. Yes, I'm very well, thank you. What's Hector doing? Is he well?
Man: May I still call you Julia?
Julia: I'll have to think about that!
Uncle Dimitri: Here's someone else for you to greet.
Julia: Boris! Oh, Boris, you've become a proper grown-up young man, haven't you? Don't you recognize me?
Uncle Dimitri: Boris is a man, Julia's a young lady, and I've got grey hairs. Such is life.
Julia: I think he still remembers me from last year.
Uncle Dimitri: Just let him smell you a moment.
Julia: Why? Do you think he really remembers?
Uncle Dimitri: Yes, of course. Horses remember by scent.
Julia: And besides, they're mercenary. Yes, I know; I've got something for you. There's a good fellow.
Janesh: Excuse me, boss, who's training Conversano this afternoon?
Uncle Dimitri: Well, you are.
Janesh: But I told you, I have to go to the dentist.
Uncle Dimitri: All right, then. Ivan.
Julia: Oh, Stanko, I'll take that myself.
Stanko: You? Didn't you hear what the boss, your uncle, said at the station? That you're nearly a lady.
Julia: He's an expert on horses, not on ladies. Here, give me that.
Stanko: What are you doing with all these books?
Julia: Oh, study, study, study, Cica Stanko.
Stanko: That's good, that's good. 'The Secret of the Red Widow'? Why, you're reading detective novels!
Julia: It's better than studying. But let's keep it to ourselves, shall we?
Stanko: Your eyes are getting bluer all the time.
Julia: The secret is, I have them dyed every two weeks.
Uncle Dimitri: What are you two up to?
Julia: Who, us? Nothing at all. I say, Uncle Dimitri, may I take Boris out for a ride now?
Uncle Dimitri: Yes, but he needs a bit of schooling first.
Julia: Good, I'll get changed while you do that. Come on, Stanko.

Young Gypsy: Easy, Sonja (a mare), easy. How many have you sold?
Old Gypsy: Not a single one. And I had to pay 300 dinars for the paint. People have become too posh for our baskets; they want better stuff. They used to be happy with straw. Nowadays it's all plastic!
Young Gypsy: If this goes on we'll have to find other work. I might even go into brick.
Old Gypsy: What, move into a house? The very thought makes me feel sick. I should join the circus.
Young Gypsy: You and your thoroughbred.
Old Gypsy: Sonja's all right. She just needs preparation.
Young Gypsy: Preparation as what? A film star? Come on, get on and paint the wheels.
Old Gypsy: All right. Look, Sonja's off. She can smell the fine white horses over at the stud.

Julia: Well done, Boris!
Uncle Dimitri: Yes, this is part of his daily schooling. You have to be consistent.
Julia: Oh, isn't that enough? Uncle, please!
Uncle Dimitri: All right. It's the first day of your holiday. But remember, Lipizzaners aren't...
Julia: I know. Lipizzaners aren't lapdogs.
Uncle Dimitri: Rebellious, aren't you, against your old uncle. Stanko!
Stanko: Yes, boss?
Julia: Oh, the air here smells so good. I can smell thyme. Stanko, can I have kebabs this evening?
Stanko: Of course. Nobody can make kebabs as well as I do.
Uncle Dimitri: All right, put him away.
Julia: But I wanted to ride for a bit.
Uncle Dimitri: No, let him rest a while first.
Julia: All right.
Stanko: Hey, Boris, what's the matter with you? Easy. That darn bolt! Still hasn't been mended.

Old Gypsy: Finished, my little beauty.
Young Gypsy: Look out, mind my trousers. Do you think that will hold without varnish?
Old Gypsy: It will do, until we get to where I can buy some. Right, get everything packed up. I'll go and fetch Sonja. Hey, come here a minute. Sonja's found herself a suitor - and what a fine one! Look at them. We could take him with us.
Young Gypsy: Steal a Lipizzaner? Do you think I want to go to jail?
Old Gypsy: Not steal, borrow. Do you see?
Young Gypsy: Oh, you mean... But he has noble blood in him. He won't be interested in Sonja.
Old Gypsy: Want to bet? Even a nobleman will have a fling with a gypsy.
Young Gypsy: Man, a foal by him... Then we'd have a second horse.
Old Gypsy: Ah, the joys of motherhood. We'll look for a snug spot for them. He'll stay with us overnight. Then tomorrow we'll let him go and he'll find his way back to the stud, as sure as two and two make four.
Young Gypsy: Man, a foal by him!
Old Gypsy: Let's go, then. You get some oats, I'll get the halter.
Young Gypsy: Come on, my white beauty. Lovely oats, come on.
Old Gypsy: You go right, I'll go left. Come on, come on. Stand! Sonja, come back. My white beauty, stand. We won't hurt you. This isn't working. I've got a better idea. We'll get him much more easily.
Young Gypsy: Are you sure?
Old Gypsy: Just watch. Now, Sonja, come on. Good girl...
Young Gypsy: Get on with it! It doesn't have to be a work of art. We should get out of here.
Old Gypsy: All right, I've finished. That's first-rate, isn't it? They'll never recognize him, don't you think so? Go on, go on.

Stanko: This is a real mess. Boris has got out.
Julia: Boris?
Stanko: Yes, because the locksmith hasn't had time to see to the door.
Julia: He just broke out?
Stanko: Yes, he escaped once before and ran all the way to Kotzscha.
Julia: Come on then, we'll get him back.
Stanko: 'We'll get him back'! If only it was that easy. Who knows where he's gone this time.
Julia: What do you mean?
Stanko: This is the time when the mares come into season, and the devil gets into the stallions and it's, er...
Julia: Yes, yes, you don't have to explain. I know. In any case, we have to do something. I think we should drive towards Kotzscha.
Stanko: Since when can you drive a car?
Julia: Who says I can? I have tried it, though.
Stanko: It's stuck.
Julia: Are you worried? I've only got 60 horsepower, and you are not afraid of horses, are you?
It's just like riding a bicycle. You have to concentrate. It needs precision, like a horse.
Stanko: Poor horse! Careful, keep it straight. Watch out, it's pulling out in front of us.
Julia: It's fine. Excuse me, have you seen a horse running loose?
Wagon driver: No.
Stanko: Holy Mary, Mother of God...
Julia: Did you say something?
Stanko: Just saying a little prayer.
Young Gypsy: They're after us. They've spotted us.

Stanko: Drive on.
Julia: This doesn't seem right. Something's wrong with it. Has it got enough petrol?
Stanko: I don't know.

Old Gypsy: Don't worry, we'll go that way. Their car can get down there.
Young Gypsy: But go slowly, or they'll get suspicious.

Stanko: We could ask them, they might know something. Hey, you, would you stop a moment?
Old Gypsy: Whoa! Let me deal with this.
Stanko: Hey, have you seen a Lipizzaner? A white horse?
Old Gypsy: A white horse? Yes, yes, we've seen a white horse. Over there.
Julia: Where?
Old Gypsy: Towards Czesana.
Julia: When?
Young Gypsy: A quarter of an hour ago, maybe.
Julia: Thank you.
Stanko: Go back, then.
Old Gypsy: Whoa! Whoa! Stop, you...
Young Gypsy: Oh, my poor bones!
Old Gypsy: Never mind your bones; what about the wagon?
Young Gypsy: And they call that a pure-bred horse. I wouldn't take him as a gift.
We've really had it now. Without the harness we won't get anywhere.
Old Gypsy: Stop moaning and help me, pal.

Stanko: That way.
Julia: Where can he be? Do you think we should tell Uncle Dimitri?
Stanko: No. Hey, there he is!
Julia: Boris!
Stanko: You're in a fine state.
Julia: Come on. You runaway! Where have you been? My goodness, what do you look like?
Stanko: The gypsies. Of course! I see it all now. They painted Boris, then he ran through the water. Let me look at your legs, make sure there's no damage.
Julia: Is he all right?
Stanko: Yes, thank God.
Julia: Only his mane is in a bit of a mess. You look a proper dirty rascal. We'd better get him back home, though.
Lorry driver: Hey, who's this idiot stopping in the middle of the road?
Stanko: Who, me? Can't you tell?
Lorry driver: Well, get a move on. I'm in a hurry.
Stanko: You're always in a hurry, you roadhogs.
Lorry driver: Come on, stop blocking the road.
Stanko: All right, then.
Julia: Stanko, wait! I'll drive!
Stanko: I'm doing fine. Julia!
Julia: Stop! Stanko!
Stanko: There you are.
Lorry driver: Look at you. They used to lock up people like you.
Stanko: Look at that. Smashed. Badly-made, accursed, wretched... And who's to blame for all this? You! You've brought nothing but bad luck. Just wait till we get home.
Julia: Don't take any notice, Boris. Stanko just needs some food. We'll have to hurry back, so Uncle Dimitri won't notice.
Stanko: Let's hope so. Come on.

Uncle Dimitri: Let's finish there for today. I want to see what Julia's up to.

Julia: Come on, Boris, stand still just another minute. Yes, yes, we're nearly done. Be good now.
Stanko: Good thing that scoundrel didn't use anything permanent. There, now he looks respectable again. You rascal, how about a full bath to finish with? We could take a swim as well, couldn't we, Julia?
Julia: Wow! Stanko, you're Poseidon in person!
Stanko: Follow the leader! Copy me!
Julia: Out of the question; nobody could do it like you. Listen, though, you could appear in any circus. Roll up, roll up, see our greatest attraction. Now playing, Stanko's Lipizzaner water-pantomime!
Stanko: Who knows, one day I may remind you of that.
Julia: Anyway, Uncle Dimitri won't find out anything about this.
Uncle Dimitri: Oh, definitely not.
Stanko: Oh no, here he comes.
Julia: Uncle Dimitri.
Uncle Dimitri: Look at this. Boris is shining brilliantly.
Stanko: You should have seen him before, boss.
Uncle Dimitri: You ought to look at yourself in the mirror.
Stanko: Why? Oh.
Julia: You have no idea what happened?
Uncle Dimitri: Of course I do. Back at the stud farm I've got a car with a smashed wing and headlamp.
Julia: Yes, but, you see, there were these two Gypsies...
Uncle Dimitri: I know everything.
Julia: How?
Uncle Dimitri: There are no secrets at Lipizza.
Julia: Then you must also know that the three of us had nothing to do with...
Uncle Dimitri: Tell me, Julia, how long are you on holiday for?
Julia: Until October. Why?
Uncle Dimitri: Oh, nothing. I just have to prepare myself mentally.
Stanko: Me too, boss.
Uncle Dimitri: You!