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Episode 2: Dangerous Depths (click on picture to see bigger picture)
Julia rides Boris to a cave she has discovered. She wants to explore, but he is too frightened to go in. Two geologists have been exploring another cave nearby. The stake securing the rope ladder has come loose and the older man - a Professor - is in danger. The younger man struggles to stop him from falling. Julia and Boris arrive, and Julia attaches the end of the rope ladder to Boris' saddle.
She walks him a short distance till the man is safe. The three of them sit outside the men's tent and eat. She tells them about her cave, and believes the two caves to be connected. She has felt a breeze in her cave, so she knows there must be another entrance. Later, the old farmer whose land it is cuts the rope ladder. The younger man - Perko - is below.
He cannot get back up and decides to try to get to Julia's cave. She comes and sees the cut ladder and decides to enter her cave to rescue them. Julia and Perko meet up underground. He explains that the Professor is in town. He found the farmer's knife but she asks him not to go to the police. They don't know if they can find their way out. She calls for Boris, and he overcomes his fear to get to them. The fire brigade has been called to rescue the men. Uncle Dimitri and Stanko turn up, also the Professor, then Julia and Perko. They are all relieved and full of praise for faithful Boris.