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Episode 2: Dangerous Depths

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Julia rides Boris to a cave she has discovered. Julia: All right then, Boris, let's ride. I know just where to go.
Ivan: Bye, Julia.
Julia: See you, Ivan. Tell Uncle Dimitri I'm riding to the cave. Oh, no, don't tell him!
She wants to explore, but he is too frightened to go in. Julia: Come on, Boris. Careful, that's it. Good, come on. Come on, come inside with me, into my cave. It's worth seeing, something you won't see every day. You're not scared, are you? What kind of Lipizzaner are you? You coward! Come on! Oh, all right, don't then. Let's visit our friends the pot-holers. Come on.
Two geologists have been exploring another cave nearby. The stake securing the rope ladder has come loose and the older man - a Professor - is in danger. Professor Babbage: Perko! I'm coming up!
Perko: Fine, Professor Babbage. It's about time. You've been down there for three hours.
Hold on, don't move! The peg's pulled loose!
Professor Babbage: Shall I climb down?
Perko: No, no, you must keep still. I'll call Marko. Marko! Marko! Help! Marko! Help, Marko! I can't hold him! No, no, no, you're not strong enough.
Perko struggles to stop him from falling. Julia and Boris arrive, and Julia attaches the end of the rope ladder to Boris' saddle. Julia: Come on, Boris, come here.

Perko: Careful, Professor Babbage, slowly. Are you all right?
Professor Babbage: Yes, but I can't hold on much longer.
Perko: Hang on, Professor Babbage! Julia's here with Boris.
She walks him a short distance till the man is safe. Julia: Come on, Boris. Good boy! That's right, come on, Boris. Come on, that's it. Good.
Perko: That's good, Julia. Climb up, Professor Babbage, it's all right now.
Julia: Boris, well done!
Professor Babbage: Thank you.
The three of them sit outside the tent and have something to eat. Perko: That could have gone badly, couldn't it, if she hadn't come along.
Julia: I knew it. My good fellow. I can depend on you. Oh, no, I'm no speleologist. I never knew that you call pot-holers speleologists. But I have plenty of common sense.
Professor Babbage: Oh, well, that describes us, Perko. We are a bit loopy. But our pie is all right, isn't it?
Julia: Thank you. Mm, mm. The excitement has made me terribly hungry.
Perko: Oh, no more worries about our cave. Next time we'll be more careful.
Professor Babbage: Yes, of course.
She tells them about her cave, and her belief that the two caves must be connected. Julia: Thanks. But your cave isn't nearly as interesting as mine.
Perko: Your cave? Not only is she as hungry as a wolf, she's got a cave too.
Julia: In my cave, you can clearly hear the wind blowing. So, it must be connected to your cave, and maybe another cave, or there wouldn't be any wind, would there?
Perko: That's obvious. Just as, because you can hear the sea in a shell, it's connected to the ocean.
Julia: You're not taking me seriously.
Professor Babbage: No, Julia. Joking aside, we don't want to dispute your right to your cave entrance.
Julia: Why, then, do you put your lives at risk? You'd rather risk your lives than admit that my cave is the same as yours.
Professor Babbage: Yes, that's the point you are making.
Perko: Excuse me, but you've already put sugar in your tea.
Julia: Oh, no, this is for Boris. I pinch sugar for him whenever I can get my hands on it. And in my cave, not only can you hear the air rushing through, which means there are two entrances, but there's another noise as well. It sounds like an underground stream.
Professor Babbage: That's interesting. Perhaps there is a connection between them.
Perko: The geology suggests it runs westwards, not eastwards.
Julia: All this theory! It's like being at school.
Professor Babbage: Oh, but you have no respect for science. You and your horse!
Perko: That's right. It's a good job I drink my tea without sugar. It doesn't leave any stains that way. More bread? We've got this wonderful sheep's-milk cheese.
Julia: No, no thank you. I have to be going home now. Otherwise Uncle Dimitri will be angry with me.
Professor Babbage: Surely he can't get cross.
Julia: Oh, but he can, if I remember the old days.
Perko: In the old days. But you were still a child then.
Julia: Goodbye, then.
Professor Babbage/Perko: Goodbye.
Give your uncle my regards.
Julia: Thank you.
Perko: Will you come by again tomorrow?
Julia: Maybe.
As Julia is leaving, Perko helps her onto her horse. Perko: There you go.
Julia: Thanks.
Perko: Till tomorrow, then.
Julia: Bye.
After she has gone the Professor tells Perko his thoughts. Professor Babbage: She'll come, she'll come. She's quite set on showing us her cave. But I have to go into town tomorrow to post some letters.
Julia takes Marko the farmer to task for not helping the geologists when they were in danger. Julia: Marko, you left the Professor dangling down there. Why didn't you help him?
Marko: Eh?
Julia: In the cave there. He shouted for help loudly enough.
Marko: I didn't hear anything. I'm deaf. Eh?
Julia: I thought you were deaf!
Marko: I didn't ask them to come here.
Julia: Who, me?
Marko: No, the people from town, the scientists!
Julia: If there weren't any scientists, you would probably still be sitting by candlelight in your house. You wouldn't even have a newspaper to read, or a clock.
Marko: I don't understand. Why would your scientists steal apples?
Julia: Have they stolen your apples?
Marko: Eh?
Julia: Have they stolen your apples?
Marko: If they drive a car across my field, they could also steal my apples. I have to maintain my field, not those scientists from the city!
Julia: Oh, the grass will soon grow again. But what will happen when more people come to study the cave? They'll need a guesthouse, and a road, and your field will be worth ten times as much.
Marko: Eh?
Julia: It's progress, Marko. You must know the word. We can't carry on living as people did a hundred years ago.
Marko: I can.
Marko's sister: The combine-harvester isn't working, there's a short circuit in it.
Julia: There, you see, you'll have to cut it by hand, like a hundred years ago!
Marko: I can't hear you!
The next day she speaks to her uncle. Uncle Dimitri: Good morning, Julia.
Julia: Hello, Uncle.
Uncle Dimitri: Do you want to go for a ride?
Julia: Yes, I'll give Boris some exercise.
Uncle Dimitri: Where to?
Julia: Oh, just around. To the Three Oaks, and so on.
Uncle Dimitri: To the Three Oaks? To the cave, eh? I say, Julia, could you just ride to the vet's and ask if he's got a pot of ointment for Blanca's fetlock? The black one, you know which one.
Julia: All right, I'll do it.
Before she can escape Stanko has a word. Stanko: Julia, Where are you riding to?
Julia: Good Lord, the supervision I get here. Everyone wants to know what I'm up to. Where am I riding? I'm just going to follow my nose!
Stanko: Your nose, or Boris's? Yours. I can see it from your nose.
Julia: Yes. I've got an appointment, a scientific one.
Stanko: I know what you mean.
Julia: With the pot-holers.
Stanko: What?
Julia: Exploring caves.
Stanko: Your uncle won't like it. Not because of the Professor, or the boy, he likes them. But he's worried about what could happen. A landslide, a flood. In the paper a few weeks ago it said that a cave was completely blocked by a landslide.
Julia: Oh, nothing will happen to me. Uncle Dimitri's a spoilsport. He's sending me to the vet's for Blanca's ointment.
Stanko: Wait a minute. Do you have to go the shortest way to the vet's?
Julia: Do you mean...? But my cave's in the opposite direction. Uncle Dimitri will see which way I'm going when I set out. He's got eyes like a hawk.
Stanko: Have you never heard of a detour? You can ride straight to the Three Oaks, and then ...
Marko has cut the rope ladder. Perko is below. Julia comes and sees what has happened. Perko: What a mean trick.

Julia: Professor! Perko! Perko! Professor!
Marko's sister has a few words to say to him. Marko's sister: You're just like our father. You don't believe God's punishment can touch you. You should have gone to the town hall or to a lawyer if they've damaged your field. Oh, well. Good heavens. You'll come to a bad end, you'll see. You'll be locked up if anything happens to those people.
Marko: Stop your nagging, people can hear you ten miles away.
Marko's sister: Our mother always used to say that you -
Marko: It wasn't me. Nobody saw me, and I shouldn't have told you anything. Women! You always nag and worry. I know
full well why I never married; I get enough grief from you.
Marko's sister: But what if they starve, or perhaps there are bears down there!
Marko : Or sharks, or dragons or fleas! Don't I get any lunch today?
Marko's sister: Try opening your eyes. I put it over there!
Marko: Drat! My knife's gone. I must have lost it out there.
Marko's sister: Oh, fine. Now they'll know it was you. The knife that belonged to Grandfather, with our family initials on it!
Perko cannot get back up above ground and decides to try to get to Julia's cave. Julia decides to enter her cave to rescue Perko. Julia and Perko meet up underground. Julia: Boris, Boris, wait here. Wait, now. Perko! Professor! Perko!
Perko! Professor!
Perko! Professor! Boris! Boris! Boris!
Hello? Is anyone there?
Perko: Julia!
Julia: Perko! Oh, I'm frightened half to death. Aren't you?
Perko: It can't have been very nice for you. Come on.
Julia: I can't, I think I've twisted my ankle.
Perko: That's the last thing we need. Let me help you.
Julia: Thanks.
Perko: There.
Julia: Thank you.
Perko: Did you come in through your entrance? Yes, that would add weight to your theory.
Julia: I... Oh, forgive me. Where's Professor Babbage? At the other end, at your entrance?
Perko: He's not here. I'm on my own. The Professor took the car into town.
Julia: And if we can't find the way out?
Perko: Oh, that would be a terrible predicament. Like Romeo and Juliet, only even worse. Did you know that the air in here mummifies everything? They'd find us in perhaps two or three thousand years. Just think of that.
Julia: Oh, I think we would make two very nice mummies. What shall we do now, though?
They don't know if they can find their way out. She calls for Boris, and he overcomes his fear to get to them. Perko: I don't want to wait two thousand years. We should go. Would you like a drink of tea first?
Julia: Oh, no, thank you.
Perko: Some chocolate?
Julia: Oh, yes.
Perko: Good for the nerves.
Julia: Thank you.
Perko: You told us yesterday that excitement gives you a fierce appetite.
Julia: Oh, you remember that?
Perko: Of course. Every word you said.
Julia: Why have you got that awful knife?
Perko: Oh, it's a little souvenir. Some nice person cut through our ladder with it. Can you think who it might have been?
Julia: Your cave is a dreadful labyrinth. Why does it have so many passages?
Perko: I'll explain that once we're outside.
Julia: But where - I don't know any more how I got here!
Did you hear that? That was Boris. Boris!
Perko: Are you all right to go, now?
Julia: Yes, thank you. But first, Perko, please throw that knife away. I like that silly old fellow, Marko. He's a typical old grump, but now he'll eat out of my hand. Boris! Boris, you good boy. You came to find me.
The fire brigade has been called to rescue the men. Uncle Dimitri: Where's the fire, then?
Stanko: No idea, boss. That's the direction of the cave!
Uncle Dimitri: What about Julia? She should have been back by now. I'm asking you where Julia is! She was supposed to ride to the vet's.
Stanko: Yes. She wanted to make a small detour ... to the cave.
Uncle Dimitri: Now you tell me?! You! Hey! Rostas! Get off!
We'll go this way.
Hey, what's going on over there?
Marko: Eh? I don't understand you.
Stanko: The boss is asking what the fire engine's doing. You old fool!
Fireman: Who destroyed the tent?
Marko's sister: No idea.
Fireman: Hello, is someone down there? Who's cut the rope?
Marko's sister: I don't know. We had tramps around here yesterday. Come on, come on, get to work.
Fireman: Bring the second ladder.
Uncle Dimitri and Stanko turn up, also the Professor, then Julia and Perko. They are all relieved and full of praise for faithful Boris. Professor Babbage: What's going on here?
Uncle Dimitri: Steady, we should be careful.
Stanko: Yes, of course.
Uncle Dimitri: Professor Babbage, where's Julia?
Professor Babbage: I don't know. I've only just got back here, and -
Julia: Uncle Dimitri!
Professor Babbage: There they are.
Uncle Dimitri: Julia, where have you come from?
Perko: From Julia's cave. Oh, look, the fire brigade.
Marko's sister: Saints be praised, here they are, safe.
Perko: As you see. Thank you, gentlemen, but we don't need your services now.
Uncle Dimitri: Well, Julia dear, what did I say to you?
Julia: Please, Uncle, don't be angry with me. I'll tell you all about it. He brought me out.
Uncle Dimitri: Who did? Perko?
Julia: No, Boris did. He was down there with us.
Perko: His friend was in danger!
Uncle Dimitri: So, my niece's horse is as faithful as a dog!