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Episode 3: Andrej under Suspicion

Julia: All right, that's enough for today, or you'll get too conceited. Let's go and visit the hermit.
Andrej: Oh, it's you.
Julia: Yes, I know your hiding place.
Andrej: I'm not hiding, just keeping out of people's way.
Julia: Of course. People won't want to see you if you're walking around with a gun.
Andrej: I haven't got a gun.
Julia: Oh, really? What did you throw in the bushes, then, Andrej? An earthworm?
Andrej: Oh, you're spying on me. Great! How about that, Julia? Or should I say, Miss? Is that more appropriate just now?
Julia: Why are you so touchy today? For all I care, you can have a cannon. I'm only sorry for the poor animals you shoot and just leave lying there.
Andrej: I'm not a poacher.
Julia: So, you go into town to get your meat?
Andrej: Of course, what else?
Julia: Why don't you live in town, then?
Andrej: I prefer having a country estate. There are many reasons for that. One of them is that I couldn't get any work.
Julia: What do you live on, then? Are you trying to tell me a healthy man like you can't find work?
Andrej: Perhaps there's some flaw in my nature; who knows? You can't imagine what that is, can you? Of course not; you're so young and innocent. Finding work is not that easy, for me. I really have tried.
Julia: What were you going to do with your gun?
Andrej: Whether you believe me or not, I was going to shoot a dog, an old, sick fellow without a home. I felt sorry for him.
Julia: And that charming story you told me the other day about the dogs' cemetery, where abandoned dogs are buried when they die, is just a fairytale, is it? What a pity.
Andrej: Wait, I'll show you the dogs' cemetery.
Julia: Did you build the cairn?
Andrej: Yes, as a protest. Humans think they are so important, but they are not interested in God's creatures.
Julia: And where do the dogs come from, that?
Andrej: They're all abandoned dogs, as I told you; nobody wants them. When you watch them suffering for days, yet they don't die Wouldn't you want to help as well?
Julia: You know I would. If I was a man and had a gun, of course.
Andrej: There, is everything all right now?
Julia: I think so.
Andrej: Let's swap - your horse for my gun.
Julia: Is it really safe?
Andrej: I never have it loaded.
Julia: But you have some cartridges in your pocket, don't you?
Andrej: For this gun, I don't have any cartridges.
Julia: But you were going to shoot the old, sick dog with it? You're lying, Andrej. I don't know what to think about you any more.
Andrej: It's best if you don't think too much of me. With this horse, you could steal horses!
Julia: I hope you won't disappear with him!
Andrej: Don't worry, I'm just going to ride a little way. I feel very much at home here in Lipizza.

Stanko: Above all, boss, if you're going to Sejana we definitely need oats.
Uncle Dimitri: Just a moment. Hey, Pepe!
Pepe: Yes, boss?
Uncle Dimitri: That stallion needs to be transported tomorrow. Get everything ready.
Pepe: It's under control, boss.
Uncle Dimitri: The buyer wants the horse in London next week.
Stanko: I'm sorry to see Favory go. He was my favourite among the school horses.
Uncle Dimitri: If we went by what you want we'd never sell any of our horses. He fetched a good price.
Stanko: Yes, but you could have gone even higher, boss. They were very keen on the nag.
Uncle Dimitri: We're not thieves, we're stud officers.
Stanko: More's the pity. When it comes to horse trading, I'd rather not be a stud officer.
Uncle Dimitri: But we are. By the way, where has Julia got to? I haven't seen her all day.
Stanko: She wanted to ride to the quarry, to take some photographs.

Julia: You have a way with horses.
Andrej: That's no wonder, with this one. I wish I could ride him more often.
Julia: Why don't you go and work at the stud, then, Andrej? They need people like you, you know.
Andrej: Well, if there were only horses at the stud, perhaps.
Julia: You really are an odd customer. Of course, some people have problems. Everyone has their problems, even Boris - the flies bother him. I think, Andrej, if you were at the stud you'd be different. Like Pepe. Do you know Pepe? No, you couldn't possibly know him. You never mix with people.
Andrej: What is it about Pepe?
Julia: He came to the stud a few weeks ago. At first, my uncle said, nobody could get on with him. He kept to himself and just slept with the horses. But since then he's become quite a useful chap. Only Dinko can't stand him.
Andrej: Why not?
Julia: I don't know. Maybe it's over a girl. Anyway, they don't get on.
Andrej: Mm. And does this Pepe still sleep with the horses?
Julia: No. Upstairs, near the offices. He always sleeps with one ear open. He can hear every fly. Uncle Dimitri says he's our best watchdog.
Andrej: I think you should be going now. They'll be sending search parties out after you.
Julia: There's no hurry. They're busy selling another horse today, and I don't want to be around for that. Uncle Dimitri has no choice, he has to act for the good of the stud, not for himself. Why are you looking at me like that?
Andrej: Do that again.
Julia: What?
Andrej: That. It's... I had a girl once, but... she doesn't want anything to do with me any more. When you do that, it reminds me of her. I've got a picture of her; would you like to see it?
Julia: Mm hmm.
I say, Andrej, how long is it since they have been working in the quarry again?
Andrej: A few days. Here's my safe, where I keep my valuables. My official documents, my mother's ring. This is her.
Julia: Yes indeed. And why won't she have any more to do with you?
Andrej: I'm out of work.

Pepe: What are you doing here?
Andrej: You know well enough. Give me the money, come on.
Pepe: What money?
Andrej: This money.
Pepe: I'll pay you back for that!

Stanko: A damned gang! Stop, stop!
Uncle Dimitri: It's been broken open. This is dreadful.
Stanko: Thieves!
Uncle Dimitri: Stanko! Stanko! Stanko, what happened?
Stanko: What? What are you doing here, boss? Oh, oh, my head aches.
Uncle Dimitri: Oh, Cica. You've got a really nasty cut. We need to bandage it up right away.
Stanko: How mean of them, to knock me down. Monsters. And for nothing!
Uncle Dimitri: For nothing, you say? All the money's gone! For the horse, and the men's wages that we took out of the bank yesterday.
Stanko: A pretty mess we've got here, boss.
Uncle Dimitri: Who hit you? Stanko, can't you remember?
Stanko: With my head like this I don't know anything. There were two of them, and they were arguing, and I tried to stop them. That's it. Boss! The money's gone. By all the saints, the scoundrels!

Dinko: You sent for me, boss?
Uncle Dimitri: Let's keep it short. What happened between you and Pepe?
Dinko: Nothing. We just don't get on.
Uncle Dimitri: Why's that?
Dinko: Why don't you like beetroot?
Uncle Dimitri: That's no answer, you know. What happened last night?
Dinko: I don't know, I was asleep.
Uncle Dimitri: Mm. But you know what happened?
Dinko: Everyone at the stud knows, the money's been taken.
Uncle Dimitri: It must have been someone in the know. Can you think of anyone? I can tell you this will stay between ourselves.
Dinko: I'm not a criminal.
Uncle Dimitri: But you're clever. Come in. Just a moment. So, you haven't any ideas? All right, then. Tell the men that nobody is allowed to leave. The police have been notified and the border at the quarry is being guarded.
Pepe: And who is going to exercise the horses today?
Uncle Dimitri: They won't be exercised.
Dinko: Very good, boss.

Uncle Dimitri: So, you have no idea who attacked you and Stanko last night?
Pepe: It all happened so quickly, and the fellow jumped on me from behind.
Uncle Dimitri: Mm. What about Andrej, that odd chap from the quarry? Could it have been him? You know him, don't you?
Pepe: No better or worse than anyone else here. But if it had been him, I would have recognised him. I think he's crazy, but he's not a burglar.
Uncle Dimitri: I didn't think it was him either. Very well, you may go. Oh, Pepe.
Pepe: Yes?
Uncle Dimitri: Just a moment. It also applies to you, the house arrest.
Pepe: But you can't think...
Uncle Dimitri: I think you understand me.

Pepe: Hey, be careful!
Stanko: Hey, don't sweep the muck into the stall like that!
Pepe: I'm always in the wrong. Why? I didn't hit you on the head. I got the same treatment myself.
Stanko: You deserved that. You've got a lot to say for yourself lately.
Julia: Hello, Cica Stanko? You look funny.
Stanko: Funny, is it? Are you taking the mickey with your bouquet?
Julia: I suppose you think these flowers are for you, eh?
Stanko: Yes.
Julia: No, they're for Uncle Dimitri. I wanted to put them on his desk. But nobody is allowed into his office now.
Stanko: How's that?
Julia: Because of the fingerprints. Isn't that exciting? But listen to this, Cica, one of the grooms is saying the hermit took the money. It's all nonsense.
Stanko: Are you so sure you're a better judge of a man's character?
Julia: Well, anyone who loves animals as he does can't possibly be a thief. See, I have a little understanding of human nature.
Stanko: You, understanding human nature!
Julia: Stanko, you're being unfair! You're blaming someone who can't defend himself. If you're convinced that it was him, ride over there and talk to him.
Stanko: That's not for us to do, it's for the police. We can't interfere. Don't you understand that?
Julia: Of course I do, but there must be something we can do!

Stanko: Oh, look, he likes your flowers, Julia.
Julia: You naughty fellow! You'll have to wait until after lunch, before then nobody but me is allowed to leave, but don't tell anybody.
I say, who's that over there?
Carriage driver: It's Pepe, riding Dreiss
Julia: Oh, really? Where's he going?
Carriage driver: He said the boss had told him to exercise Dreiss, but the boss told me... Oh well. I'd better keep out of it. Go on.

Andrej: What do you want? You can forget about the money, you won't get it.
Pepe: It's mine. I was quicker last night.
Andrej: Unfortunately.
Pepe: So, what now? Where are the notes?
Andrej: You won't get them.
Pepe: We'll see about that.
Andrej: You won't find anything here. The money's going back where it came from. I don't do things like that any more.
Pepe: Are you losing your marbles? All of a sudden you want to make the world a better place. Do you think that's more profitable?
Andrej: That's another matter. You're an idiot. Getting yourself new identity papers, laundered ones, so to speak; taking on a regular job. What are you really after?
Andrej: No, I tell you! Now get out!
Pepe: Very well. Listen, I'll give you one last chance before I send the police after you. Last night you were at the stud, there was a fight, but you managed to get away with the dosh. Now you're hiding here, you want to get away across the border. You were in prison once before for doing something similar. A nice story, it fits well. The police will be interested to hear it.
Andrej: You're still a scoundrel.
Pepe: Who, me?
Julia: So, you've got the money.
Pepe: Of course, he's hidden it up here. But we're going to get it!
Julia: Andrej! Pepe, no! Andrej!
Pepe: That's your fault. He's heading over the border.
Julia: That's no reason to shoot at him just like that. He didn't steal your money, did he?
Pepe: No, but it's the stud's money. He deserved the bullet. You've visited him quite often. Where's the money?
Julia: I don't know.
Pepe: It's got to be here somewhere.

Uncle Dimitri: What? Yes, yes, all right, commissioner. I'll see to it. This is a fine mess. The guy's name isn't Pepe Jola, but Joseph Dobritch, and he's got a criminal record. The police have been looking for him for weeks in the area, in Split.
Groom: That's what I said all along.
Stanko: He didn't like him either.
Uncle Dimitri: But how could you let him get away with the money?
Stanko: Not so loud, boss, it hurts my head.
Uncle Dimitri: Oh, never mind your head. Where there are horses you have to think with your backside. Why didn't you ride after him? Come on.
Stanko: Okay.

Pepe: Not there either. Dammit It's got to be here.
Julia: Why didn't he call you Pepe? Is your name Joseph, then?
Pepe: No way is my name Joseph. The guy lies every time he opens his mouth. He stole some horses once, it got him three years.
Julia: Where do you know him from?
Pepe: That doesn't matter now. The important thing is to get the 400,000 back.
Julia: How do you know it's 400,000? Did you count it?
Pepe: Don't do anything silly!
Julia: I know you're lying. You and Andrej used to be partners in crime, that's how you know him. But Andrej wants to become an honest man, while you've remained just as you were.
Pepe: Stop! Or I'll shoot your horse, and you too, my clever child, unless you show me where the money's hidden. I know you've been lying to gain time. Do you think I'm stupid? Come on, where's the money?
There we go. Why didn't you do that straight away?
Julia: Boris! Now, Boris, come on. Come on, Boris.
Pepe: That would have suited you. Let's go, to Basowicza
Julia: I don't think so. Boris isn't strong enough.
Pepe: Oh, really?
Julia: No, please don't!
Pepe: Go on, then.
Uncle Dimitri: There they are! Boris!
Julia: No, Uncle, leave me!
Uncle Dimitri: Boris, whoa!
Julia: No, leave me!
Pepe: Faster, or I'll ...
Julia: No, please! Go back!
Pepe: Faster, faster!
Julia: No! Go back!
Uncle Dimitri: Boris!
Pepe: Faster, I tell you, faster!
Andrej: Julia, stop!
Julia: No! He's got a knife! He'll hurt Boris!
Pepe: Faster! Go on!
Andrej: Stop! Julia, stop!
Julia: I can't!
Pepe: Faster! Faster!
Julia: Go back! Please!
Andrej: Julia!
Uncle Dimitri: Boris!
Andrej: Boris!
Julia: I can't stop him!
Andrej: I'm coming!
Julia: Well done, Andrej. You're such a good rider.
Andrej: But that's all I'm good at.
Julia: Oh, I'm really glad you saved me, and I'm sorry I suspected you earlier.
Andrej: Let's not talk about that.
Julia: Come and work for us, Andrej. I'll put in a good word for you with my uncle.
Andrej: I told you, there are things in my past that won't easily disappear. You can't just wipe things away.
Julia: In any case, you're not like Pepe.
Andrej: You mean Joseph.
Julia: Oh, of course, Joseph. He only changed his passport. You've become completely different on the inside; that's far more important.
Uncle Dimitri: What happened earlier, my girl?
Julia: Oh, Uncle Dimitri, it's a long story.