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Episode 4: Thaïs becomes a mother (click on picture to see bigger picture)
There is a storm and Thaïs is almost ready to give birth. The phone rings twice but the line is disrupted by branches blown about by the wind. Julia gets out of bed and goes to the stable to try and help her uncle. She stays to talk.
Julia disobeys her uncle and decides to ride Boris to fetch the vet. Boris rears when there is lightning and thunder, nearly throwing her. She rides him through the rain, jumping a descending barrier to cross the railway line - a train passes soon after. Finally she gets to the vet's. Stanko has returned from the circus. The vet gives Boris some sugar and gets in his car. Julia, now suitably dressed for the storm, gets back onto Boris.
Stanko meets the vet on the road. He then meets Julia. Back at the stable, Thaïs has given birth. Uncle Dimitri goes to Julia's bedroom to see how she is and tell her about the birth. Then he sees the clothes that the doctor has lent her and realises that she has been out in the storm.
He puts his hand on her heart and sees it is racing. While he is getting her water she shakes the thermometer to get it to go down. Uncle Dimitri is riding Boris on the training ground. Boris runs off to see Julia and puts his head through the window of her bedroom. Stanko takes him back. Boris runs off again. Boris arrives at the vet's. Dr Kozina drives his car slowly with Boris 'in tow'.
Dr Kozina and Uncle Dimitri go into Julia's bedroom to try and help her. Dr Kozina injects her with an antibiotic. Dinko and some other men are talking at the well. Back in Julia's bedroom. Stanko is pleased it has all worked out in the end.