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Episode 8: A Dog's Life

Julia: Are you happy with him, Uncle?
Uncle Dimitri: If he continues to progress like this, I'll be able to enter him into the competition next year.
Julia: Excellent - see you later.

Julia: Look Boris - your friend, Hektor (a dog). Hi, Pieno!
Pieno: Hi, Julia.
Julia: Seems like we have corresponding schedules - just like buses.
Pieno: Ah, but then we wouldn't be so punctual.
Julia: The only punctual one is Boris, he's got an in-built clock to tell him when his feed is due.
Pieno: Oh, I've got THAT clock as well!
Julia: Are you very busy?
Pieno: It's OK.
Julia: Boris, calm down, what's wrong with you? Be sensible.
Pieno: You do handle him well though.
Julia: We've gotten our act together by now, after all this is my 5th year in Lipizza.
Pieno: I know, does that mean I have to call you Miss Julia now that you are all grown up?
Julia: Don't be silly - or do you want me to call you Mr Postman?
Pieno: Hi, Jelena, there's your post. You've got beautiful flowers here!
Jelena: Do you want some?
Pieno: Yes, please - one's enough though.
Jelena: Here you go.
Pieno: Thank you - bye. (speaking to Julia) Nice to have met you here. Are you going to the dance?
Julia: Not sure yet. Depends on Uncle Dimitri's plans. He might go to the horse auction at Sezanna. Hi Hektor - haven't we already said hello today?
Pieno: I think he likes you.
Julia: A lot of animals seem to like me.

Jelena: Hektor, heel. Don't you hear - heel I said!
Pieno: What's her problem? Well, I've got to go - bye, Julia.
Julia: Bye, Pieno.

Jelena: Be quiet, Hektor stay there.
Mother: Are you done already?
Jelena: Yes, I am.
Mother: Good. Go and practise the piano then.
Jelena: All the others are going to the dance today.
Mother: What others? You'll stay in - you are still a child.
Jelena: When it comes to work you treat me like a grown-up, but when I want to go dancing, I'm suddenly a child.
Mother: That's what they are like nowdays - always a cheeky comeback.
Jelena: I want to go dancing! Just for once want to go out!
Mother: Wait until your dad comes home he'll make the decision.
Jelena: This is like being locked up in a prison!
Mother: She'll go to university to study music. She's so talented and really into Beethoven.

Jelena: Come on, Hektor.
Postman: What can I do for you?
Jelena: Is Pieno in?
Postman: Aren't you Jelena Horlesh? You look different.
Jelena: How? I always look like this.
Postman: I nearly didn't recognise you. Anyway, what can I do for you? Stamps?
Jelena: Well, I've got this letter here and Pieno delivered it. I wanted to talk to Pieno about this because, you see the thing is it was opened and that isn't right, is it?
Postman: Let me have a look.
Jelena: But, I wanted to talk to Pieno.
Postman: Just hand over the letter. This is a matter for me as the manager. Why would you think it's been opened? Just cut open as you'd normally do and anyway the letter is two weeks old!
Jelena: Oh, that doesn't really matter.
Postman: It matters to me as I'm responsible for postal affairs here. Why did you wait so long with your complaint?
Postman: Did your father send you?
Jelena: Yes
Father: (to Pieno) Pieno, let your brother know he can have the job. Ask him to report to the boss.
Pieno: Yes, I'll let him know.
Jelena: Hektor, be quiet
Father: Hektor, where do you come from?
Postman: What's the matter with you, Jelena?
Pieno: Her father!
Father: Jelena, what are you looking like? All that make up on you. How often have I forbidden you to do that? What are you doing here anyway. Oh I see - Pieno. Thinking of men and now even chasing them. It's always the same. Go home. We'll talk there!
Mother: I find it very harsh to leave Jelena behind.
Father: What, take her to town as a treat. One day, she'll give you a rude awakening!
Mother: You are much too strict with her. She's so sensitive and has such a gentle nature.
Father: Really? How do you know?
Mother: I just know her much better. She's got a prickly shell but a very soft heart. Just think how she dotes on the dog.
Father: Hektor, you stay here.
Jelena: (to Hektor) It's all your fault that I'm locked up in here, you miserable, mean beast! (throws a fit) It's all the dog's fault. Dad told me off like a naughty schoolgirl ... just for Pieno.

voice on the radio: The rabies epidemic continues to grow in the region. Dogs are especially affected and Donevitza and Motnic have been put under quarantine. The call is under way. That's all the news for now. After a short pause we bring you music.

Julia: Hi Jelena, why aren't you at the dance?
Jelena: I'm not allowed out because of Hektor.
Julia: Why, what's wrong with Hektor?
Jelena: He's got rabies.
Julia: What, he's got rabies?
Jelena: Well, yes. We don't know where he is. That's why my parents have locked me up in here.
Julia: I can't believe that I just saw Hektor earlier and he was fine then.
Jelena: It happens very quickly.
Julia: How do you know he's rabid?
Jelena: You can tell by looking at him.
Julia: So he's got bloodshot eyes and is foaming at the mouth?
Jelena: Yes that's it.
Julia: How horrible. The poor things are always thirsty but can't drink.
Jelena: Yes that's just his problem.
Julia: But if he gets to the horses ... Oh God where is he anyway?
Jelena: I told you, I don't know. He ran off, totally crazy. Now I have to stay in because of the stupid dog.
Julia: I don't think you realise how serious this situation is, Jelena. I've got to tell Stanko straight away.

Julia: Stanko, just imagine what happened.
Stanko: I'd rather not.
Julia: Don't joke. Hektor, Jelena's dog, has got rabies.
Stanko: What? How do you know that?
Julia: I'm telling you, he's foaming at the mouth and ran off.
Stanko: What a mess. Always happens when the boss is away and I've got all the responsibility! Don't just stand there. Don't you know what this means? Our horses, our children and the people.
Julia: Still no reason to shout at me. All I did was tell you.
Stanko: Yes you only told!

Stanko: Stop, everybody, stop. Horlesh's dog is rabid. Follow me. We've got to find him. Ring the bell. The dog is foaming at the mouth. Julia heard it from Jelena. Everybody hurry - let's get the horses in first - then get the guns.
Man: How many have we got?
Stanko: Enough to stop the dog.
Julia: Don't shoot him Stanko. Please. Perhaps he'll recover.
Stanko: But how should we get near him, rabid dogs never get better. It's police ruling anyway to shoot rabid dogs.
Julia: Don't, Stanko!

another mother: Children! Come in quick! A rabid dog!
Stanko: You take the left field, I'll take the right.

Stanko: Here's the ammunition. Just watch it, you idiot! Haven't you ever held a gun?
Man 1: It just went off.
Stanko: No wonder if you've got your finger on the trigger!
Man 2: Can I have a gun as well?
Stanko: There aren't any left. The boss locked them all up.
Man 3: Is he supposed to catch the rabid dog with his bare hands? Just give him this one - he can't handle it anyway.
Man 1: I'm not keen to shoot.
Stanko: And yet you were the first one to it!
Julia: Who fired the shot?
Stanko: He did.
Julia: At Hektor?
Stanko: Unfortunately not - just for fun. Everybody listen - we are going to form a circle around Lipizza. Down by the road we split. Let's hurry. Julia, you stay here.
Julia: I don't think so!
Stanko: I order you to. When the boss is out, I'm in charge. Who else will bring order in this chaos? Listen up! One half of you follow me the other half, follow Morro. Man Pepe saw the dog on the road to Lokev.
Stanko: Okay, everybody that way then. Have you still not got the horses in? Man Those are the last ones.
Stanko: If they come across the rabid dog and he starts snapping at them, then god help us.

Stanko: I think we've gone too far. I can't imagine the dog came this far.
Man: Yes, Pepe said he was near the stream.
Stanko: There he is!

Stanko: (falls off) Can't believe that! What are you waiting for? Carry on. Now the dog is gone! Ouch! I hit my head.

Stanko: He's gone over there.

Julia: Quiet, Boris, stay here. Hektor, you are bleeding. Don't worry - you don't have to be afraid. Don't shoot, Stanko!
Stanko: Idiot couldn't hit a barn door. At this rate, it'll take us days.
Julia: I'm sure he isn't rabid.
Stanko: Didn't I tell you to stay at the stud?
Julia: Don't you think Boris would have noticed? Or myself? Something is wrong here. Hektor is not foaming at the mouth.
Stanko: I'm telling you - he is rabid why else would he run away from us? He knows us all.
Julia: Can you blame him when you are shooting at him? He's bleeding and limps. He is running like - like a kicked dog.
Stanko: I'm telling you he is rabid. I'd bet on it.
Julia: That's not true. You are all rabid - with your fear.
Stanko: Hah - come on, let's go.
Julia: No, I'll stay in front of your guns until you get fed up with it.
Stanko: Be sensible, Julia.
Julia: I am sensible.
Stanko: You started the whole thing.
Julia: I listened to Jelena and fell for it. Don't you think her parents would have stayed at home if their dog had gone rabid? Don't you think her dad would have told us himself?
Stanko: That's true. That's not like Horlesh.
Julia: He just drives to town and in the mean time we shoot his Hektor. Stanko, just put this on hold for a while. I just want to speak to Jelena again please.
Stanko: Okay then, we're putting the hunt on hold for now.
Julia: Thank you Stanko, Hurry, Boris.

Jelena: How did you get in here?
Julia: What's the matter with Hektor?
Jelena: But you know that.
Julia: Tell me, what's wrong with him?
Jelena: He betrayed me to my father. It was his fault I got into trouble and was grounded.
Julia: You miserable person, lying and getting a defenceless animal killed. That's disgusting!

Julia: Now you don't need to be afraid any more, Hektor. The bone isn't broken, it's just a flesh wound.
Man: Just good I didn't have a gun.
Stanko: Stop showing off ... Jelena will get her comeuppance for this.
Julia: She's already got the first instalment - from me!