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Episode 11: Buried Treasure (click on picture to see bigger picture)
Julia is enjoying a lovely summer's day with Boris when they hear a dog barking and a man's voice.
A dog comes in sight and Julia takes Boris behind some bushes to observe what is going on.
The dog starts digging and is joined by its master. It then finds Julia. She speaks to the man who explains he is a truffle hunter, and that truffles are very valuable. He lets her smell one of the truffles he has found.
It smells terrible, like garlic, but it gives her an idea. Over dinner her uncle remarks that the food tastes different, and calls Maria. She does not say what she knows about the missing garlic, and Julia gives her a conspiratorial smile.
Some money has gone missing and Julia wants to help by finding a valuable truffle. She sets about training Boris to hunt for them, using the garlic she has taken. Later, Boris starts to indicate something. Thinking it may be truffles, she digs and finds something metalic.
She finds her friend, a boy collecting berries who is the son of one of the men cutting down some trees. They go to see the men. Stanko recognises the metalic object as a mine, and tells Julia to throw it as far as she can. It explodes. They go to tell her uncle, and he decides to drive off and warn the men that they are in a minefield.
Julia stays behind and finds the missing money in a barn. Uncle Dimitri and Stanko arrive just in time to see a tree fall, which set off another mine. Julia has riden there and struggles to control Boris.
Boris starts to indicate again, and Stanko decides to dig. They fear that it is yet another mine, but they find - a truffle! They all laugh.