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I have the dialogue of the first three and the last of the thirteen episodes. Click on the name to go to dialogue. There is a synopsis of these four episodes. The RT outline is the outline given by the Radio Times each week.

# name of episode RT outline synopsis of episode
1 Black and White Julia comes to stay at the Lippizaner stud which is run by her Uncle Dimitri and renews her friendship with the famous white horses Julia arrives by train. Uncle Dimitri and Stanko meet her. She meets Boris again, but he wanders off and is seen by two Gypsies. They want to keep him for a while, to get their mare pregnant, and they dye him black so he is unrecognizable. Julia and Stanko look for him in a car, although Julia cannot really drive. Boris has run through water and so they find him. The car is damaged, and Uncle Dimitri finds out what has happened.
2 Dangerous Depths Julia is riding Boris, her favourite horse, near some caves in her neighbourhood, and makes an interesting discovery Julia wants to take Boris to a cave she has discovered, but he is too frightened to go in, so they go to visit Professor Sasha Babbage and Perko, a couple of scientist pot-holers she has met. They arrive just in time to rescue one of them. She tells them about her cave, which she thinks is more interesting than theirs. The next day Julia and Perko explore the caves. They get lost but Boris helps them.
3 Suspicion falls on Andrej Money is stolen from the stud farm and Julia's friend Andrej is suspected. Julia wonders whether her trust in Andrej is misplaced Julia visits Andrej, who lives alone. She questions him about the gun he has, and encourages him to get a job at the stud. In the past Andrej had been a criminal, but now wants to go straight. He had worked with Joseph, who now calls himself Pepe and works at the stud. Joseph stole a large amount of money from the stud, but Andrej took it off him. Pepe rides out to the old quarry for a confrontation with Andrej. Pepe kidnaps Julia, and tries to escape with her; both on the same horse. A chase ensues, with Uncle Dimitri and others as well as Andrej pursuing Pepe. Andrej is the one who rescues Julia, and she says she will help him.
4 Thais becomes a Mother A foal is born during a storm and Julia rides out for help -
5 Horses Stampede An old Lippizaner returns to the stables and nearly ruins his chances of staying there -
6 About Bojazzo Julia and Tomo do their best to bring Bojazzo back to form -
7 The Horse Cure Old Maria tries to play a clever game, but Dimitri proves to be a match for her -
8 A Dog's Life Julia refuses to let a dog run into danger through the stupidity of one of her friends -
9 Business Friend Uncle Dimitri entertains a prospective client who is not a favourite with Julia -
10 The Sava Prize The stud loses its best rider for a national competition, but Julia solves Uncle Dimitri's problem -
11 Buried Treasure Julia discovers that truffles, although not so precious as gold, still have possibilities -
12 The Squirrel Julia interrupts a long ride to save a squirrel, and thereby upsets Uncle Dimitri's arrangements -
13 House Arrest for Othello Uncle Dimitri requires all his courage to face a crucial situation Uncle Dimitri is trying to train Othello for a competition, but geologist Merko has been feeding him sugar lumps, and this has a disruptive effect. Uncle Dimitri is injured, but will not stay in hospital. He has a plaster cast. He wins the competition as usual against expectations. He had removed part of the cast so he could ride.